A Review of the Best Poker Players

  • Jul 24, 2021

A review that tries to list the top 5 or top 10 of anything will typically entail a subjective factor. In order to prevent this, it is common to find a list of the 'highest-earning poker player' or 'poker player with the most wins.' Regarding the best poker player, this list will consider all these factors to determine the finest players who have ever placed their stakes at the cash-onlinecasino .

Phil Ivey — American Poker Player

Phil Ivey tops this list. He is a perennial winner when it comes to online poker games. While this Californian-born poker player does not rank high in most of the 'best poker players' reviews you might find on the web, online poker enthusiasts think otherwise. He is a genius as he excels in most of the casino games he plays. One notable thing about him is that he places high stakes.

He is regarded as an 'NLHE specialist' by many players within the poker world. In addition, his 10 WSOp bracelets have all originated from the non-Hold'em events that ranges all the way from the $20002,500 PLO title to 2014 $1,500 8 game mix event and many others. Ivey is a frequent feature at the leading live cash games and he can be found placing bets with other casino players.

With winnings estimated to be more than $20 million and more than $23 million in the live tournament play, his net worth is pretty high if we consider his sponsorships, investments and other duties. As a casino player, Ivey has always occupied the top spot amongst the other players. While most players have their own personal styles and ways of winnings, Ivey utilizes an anti-style.

  • He has won countless large prizes

Dan Bilzerian — The Richest

Dan is a popular Instagram star. He says that most of his earnings come from winning poker games. He wins huge amounts of money by placing ultra-high stakes. Some people allege that this is not true because he has received a lot of money from a trust fund, high lucrative social media and other business ventures. Bilzerian says that in 2014, his poker prowess made him win $50 million.

Notably, he has never won a major tournament in the world. So, most of his money comes from winning the cash games only. It does not matter how he acquired his money, one of the notable things is that he has acquired a lot of money by playing the poker game. Keep in mind that we're all in the business of playing poker games to have fun and make some good money.

Who Is The Best Online Poker Player?